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Barnsley collective ART TNEET announce two-part compilation album to raise funds for esteemed venue

Countless venues across the country are doing everything they can to keep the wolf from the door as the industry begins to slowly emerge from the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. One of the latest to bite the dust was the hub of much of Barnsley’s grassroots music scene, The Old School House. Known to many as ‘The Polish Club’, it provided a stage for a lot of the emerging talent coming out of Barnsley, and space for punters to come and join in the fun.

Such is the way for any venue that has belief and love from its frequent visitors, it hasn’t gone down without a fight. ART TNEET, who we interviewed back in March, have collaborated with an array of musicians from the Barnsley area to create a two-part compilation album to raise money to soften the blow of The Old School House’s closure.

Sam Horton, who is curating the project, described it as “a celebration of the good times we’ve all had up there, and a thank you to the staff for the eternal memories they’ve provided us with”. The 34-track compilation will be split over two volumes and showcases exactly why venues such as this are so vital not just to local scenes, but to the entire music landscape.

It has also been announced that further art, merchandise, and downloadable content is already in the works for the coming months - all as part of ‘The Old School House Project’. Proceeds from this fundraiser will directly go to the staff who are all currently in the process of redundancy.

You can preorder ‘ART TNEET Celebrates The Old School House: Vol. 1 & 2’ CD compilation from their bandcamp page below.

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