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Evoke Studios: Leeds' Beautiful New Studio Space

Leeds has gained a brand new studio space: Evoke Studios. Located in The Chapel, formerly known as Leeds Music Hub, Evoke Studios hope to provide a sleek and welcoming creative environment for affordable prices.

Evoke originally opened in Brighouse in late 2019. However, following a flood in the studio, Evoke was put out of action. After raising £3,500 on a fundraiser, the team were able to reboot their project, and selected Leeds as their new home. Having worked tirelessly over the last few months to get the space ready, Evoke is now ready for business.

As you can see from the photos, Evoke studios is a beautiful space. Packed with high-end musical gear, and with both live and control rooms, Evoke Studios is a welcome edition to Leeds' musical community.

"The main aim is to work with, and support the mass of talent Leeds that has to offer, and really become a home for content creation for the city," said head honcho Will Killen. "Production, mixing, live sessions, and photography are some of the ways we work with artists, but also, we hire out the studio for artists to come and be creative. Whether that be for rehearsing, writing, demo recording, or mixing."

To hire, the live room is £12ph, and the control room is £15ph. You can check our a playlist of their portfolio here.

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