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#SAVEOLDRED: How You Can Save Our Favourite Leeds Venue

The Old Red Bus Station is a DIY bar, event space, club and home to Leeds' original all-vegan eatery, Cantina. Serving craft brews, speciality coffee, seasonal cocktails and unique spirits alongside eclectic local artwork, incredible diner-inspired grub and the best in underground music. From the creative minds at Champion Up North. You may have seen a few #saveoldred posts coming out recently, and whilst they aren't right at the cliff edge just yet, unfortunately with trade & footfall still down considerably and rent and bills still pouring in, that moment isn’t looking too far away.

The venue is a place incredibly close to the magazines heart, hosting our last party where we collaborated with The Underneath Collective. The venue was the perfect place to host our party, supporting us right from the start in making it the best night possible. The venue made a post on Facebook stating "for those that know Old Red Bus Station, we’ve strived to be a base for many under-represented genres in Leeds for the past 5 years and to be honest, the thought of that ending in the near future is absolutely heartbreaking. We’ve strayed away from asking for help as long as we can but unfortunately now we really do need your help."

Above: photo taken at our party at Old Red Bus Station, photo by Georgie Dallas

They've opened up a new shop with a range of ‘globe’ ‘old red’ & ‘dance more’ t-shirts which are now available from our website priced at £15+PP. -

The absolutely wonderful Millistrations also has some prints available (a huge thanks to her for her help so far!) which can be found here. -

Alternatively, if you’d like to donate directly you can do so via Justgiving -

The events sector as a whole is crumbling at the moment, with a lot of our favourite spaces set to go to the wall, so if you can, please do your bit, life would be really boring without the culture we do so well in this country.

Love from all us at Old Red, let’s hope we can get through this.


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