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The Ville is back: J. Cole previews new album The Fall Off with two new tracks

Cole’s back with a new single Lewis Street which features 2 new tracks off his upcoming album The Fall Off. The Climb Back, produced by Cole himself, hears Cole rap about his wavering relationship with rap. On Lion King On Ice, produced by Cole, T-Minus and Jetson, Cole raps about the pressure that was on him at the start of his career and his rise to becoming a legend in this era of hip-hop.

The release comes just a couple of days after Cole posted a personal essay on his come-up from being a student athlete, to signing his first record deal and 2014 Forest Hills Drive blowing up. Unlike his usual humble self, Cole finally acknowledges how much he’s impacted the rap game, giving himself some long overdue credit for the talent he holds as an MC. Cole’s never been motivated by fame and accolades, actively avoiding both, but he writes in his essay that he’s still got some achievements to check off his bucket list before he leaves the studio for good. It’s clear from these releases that Cole’s finally realised his potential in the rap game, and he’s ready to start playing it – and it’s about time, since he’s been quietly running it for years.

Fans have been waiting for the sixth studio release from Cole since he teased the upcoming album on his last album KOD back in 2018 in the final track 1985 - Intro to the Fall Off. Anticipating calls to drop a release date for the album, Cole tweeted ‘No date for the album yet, taking my time, still finishing’. With all the big talk he’s made about this album being the ‘summit of this mountain’ that is his career, focusing on wit and wordplay like back in his mixtape days, he’s got a lot to live up to. If the 2 tracks on Lewis Street are just a tease for what’s to come, we’re hoping The Fall Off is with us sooner rather than later.

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