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Come Stay With Me: Album launch livestream hosted by Brudenell Social Distancing Club TV

Throughout lockdown, the recently renamed Brudenell Social Distancing Club have been gracing the web with an insightful livestream series. After 7 episodes, the locally iconic Leeds venue has solidified this series as a space for the thoughts and experiences of musicians, creatives, and those involved in the music industry. Previous guests have included John F. Keenan, a seasoned gig promoter who has worked with some of the biggest acts to ever tour (from Oasis to Nirvana), and members of bands from two vastly disparate eras: Transvision Vamp and Team Picture. So far, each episode has provided us with a lot of very interesting conversation and even some exclusive access to new tunes.

Tonight, Brudenell Social Distancing Club TV #8 airs at 8pm sharp, with the launch of Come Stay With Me, a new compilation album released by Leeds-based Come Play With Me. Come Play With Me are all at once a magazine, promoter, and label. After an initial crowdfunding campaign, the collective has succeeded in producing this show of support to local Leeds artists: Team Picture, JASMINE, Van Houten, English Teacher, Dialect Grime, Tall Talker, Dead Naked Hippies, Magick Mountain, DENSE, Her Tilted Moons, Maya Kally Music, Talkboy, and Household Dogs.

Tune in at 8pm for an exclusive stream of the album, live videos, and a Q&A session.

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