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Getting To Know: Web

1) What are your names and roles in the band?

Lucas and Kristian Eveleigh (guitars/vocals), Ben Roe (drums), Josh Lake (bass)

2) How have you found the reaction to the new release?

Lucas: The reaction has been amazing. We've had some great feedback - loads of really sweet messages on social medias that really do mean the world to us! It's been great to see some new fans coming through too, as well as familiar faces who have supported us from day 1.

3) Were you working on it during lockdown, if so how different of a process has it been?

Lucas: The track was recorded back in January through March but the mixing process was going on well into lockdown. We had a few versions that we liked but then I met a guy called Kári Sigurðsson online who had some suggestions and ended up giving the stems to him and he blew us away - completely reimagined the track and that's what we moved forward with.

Kristian: the artwork I painted the day Lucas showed us an alternative artwork. it was a big no. he said "ya better come up with something today then" , so i did. I've been lucky enough to be able to paint whenever I like, being in lockdown has inspired more work, i finish my paintings within 1 or 2 sittings. Currently, I am NOT working in layers.

4) I'm sure there have been many setbacks for you as a band during lockdown, amongst that have there been any aspects you've enjoyed? (As a band and individually)

Lucas: In some ways it's been really good for us because it feels like there's no competition right now. In the normal world its easy to look over your shoulder at what other bands are doing - what gigs they're playing, what they're achieving - and get anxious. But lockdown has been a great leveller, everyones in the same situation, even Dave Grohl and Ed Sheeran and the big massive stars aren't gigging. It's definitely taken the pressure off. Flip side is that we haven't been able to rehearse and we both love and need rehearsals given the intensity and complexity of our music. It's a muscle that needs to be maintained.

5) You are a relatively new band, have you been in other projects before Web? If so, how is Web different from other projects you've been involved in?

Lucas: Kristian and I used to be in a straight up grunge band. It took the "learn 3 chords and go start a band" mantra to a new level. Basically trying to be Nirvana. It was great fun to play in and we learnt a lot about gigging but with Web we all really believe in what we're doing and are passionate about the music. Everyone's committed and in it for the right reasons and thats a great feeling.

6) Masculinity is a big theme on this EP, what compelled you to write about it in your songs?

Kristian: it wouldn't be a theme of the track if i had not experienced it. it was simply an emotional memory that spilled into musical language. it's a very simple anecdote of something that happened. It is something I feel everyone must have experienced, to feel you have let yourself be trodden on. however the ideas of the music comes before the ideas of the lyrics.

7) You'll have to forgive me that I don't know Portsmouth's music scene very well, what is it like being a band there?

Lucas: Love the city. The scene is good, there's definitely something bubbling under the surface. Some really passionate individuals. It's been really great to make friends with some of the other bands like Hallan and Stone Birds and there's some sick heavier groups like Accost and Lenged Out coming through that I'm big fans of. I'd love to see a bit more synergy between the artists - I recently started a Facebook group to try and bring people together and try and strip away some of the competitive, high school bullshit that can really be a drag in some scenes. I definitely recommend coming down to events like Icebreaker and Psyched Fest - so much local talent to check out!

8) I'm sure it is really difficult to give a concrete answer to this as a lot is up in the air, but do you have anything coming up in the future you can tell us about?

Lucas: Big plans. Got Intimidation & Shame Part 2 coming out soon along with some remixes our friends did which I'm excited about. Then we start storyboarding a new project. It's going to be like a mini album but with a few surprises. More will be revealed over the coming months!


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