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East Village are closing their doors

The East Village is a cocktail bar nestled away in Hyde Park. Known for its timeless tunes and staple drinks done well. Yesterday we were hit with the news that our local favourite venue. The East Village - New Wave Dive Bar is gone, so it's time to double down and #letthemusicplay. 90% of grassroots music venues are at risk of permanent closure. We were captivated with the place when we headed down to a Ready Meal Sounds event last year and we're hoping to put on an event there ourselves at some point soon.

In a statement announcing their temporary closure the venue said "give generously if you can to support independent venues and Music Venue Trust in keeping venues open. The East Village will remain closed for the foreseeable future. Please stay safe and look after yourselves. Please don't be afraid to go out. Just take the necessary precautions but do your best to support local businesses. Whether that be Bars, restaurants, coffee shops or your local market/veg supplier. Big Love".

You can find our fundraiser for East Village HERE.


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