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Titchats looking for more tits

The wonderful Harriet Hornby & Sydney Gilbride are the people behind Titchat, a group formed through a need to discuss feminism on an everyday basis. It's been a project that has massively grown in the past few months as a result of both it's founders blossoming creativity and sheer commitment to running a collective that has provided us and many others with plenty of insight and inspiration. Since launching there has been an upwards incline of support & notoriety within the creative community of Leeds, which has led them to taking the next step as a collective. The founders have put out an open-call for you to get involved in Titchat. We spoke to Sydney Gilbride about all things Titchat and how they plan to expand as a platform:

"This need for accessibility in everyday feminism really came to light when Harriet and I (my other half, confidant and co-founder of TITCHAT) began having open discussions about being feminists and what that means for us. After some DMCs (Deep Meaningful Chats) that went late into the night we decided to bite the bullet and form our own collective so we could find like minded people who could help us to understand what feminism is in all its glory. We’ve branded ourselves under the term of intersectionality as we want to stress the importance of diversity when it comes to a movement which is often whitewashed. From the beginning we wanted everyone to be able to find a home in our collective, meaning that if we were being exclusive to anyone, we would need to adapt and change our approach to ensure we were maintaining inclusivity to all."

As artists we love looking at the world through an artistic lens, finding out new things through visual discovery, so with that in mind we wanted to look at how feminism is found in the media which we consume. How do we see the impacts of patriarchal structures in art, does it translate to music and film? By exploring areas of media, we are able to understand how we subconsciously are fed certain ideals, which is why one aspect of the collective is to point our followers in the direction of creators who, like us, want to view the world through an empowered lens.

So, with that being said we want to take our team of two and expand to find new empowered voices. We want to branch out to include more people in our core team. This would mean that you would have a weekly segment to speak on your interests as an intersectional feminist. And when the world is back to ‘normal’ be involved in our podcast on Sable Radio. The podcast is just a recording of the conversations we have about feminism. Not formal and not fancy, just us talking some shit about how good feminism is. We have big ideas and plans for the podcast so if you’re interested in getting on the airwaves, your voice will be greatly appreciated and I might even buy you cookies when we record. Anyway, there’s no limits here so if you love something and are passionate we want to hear all about it."

Sidenote: We want to branch out to get our website up and running to be able to facilitate all this new empowered good shit so if you are a person who knows how to design a website and would like to help us out, email us!

You can get in touch with Titchat via their Instagram or emailing them on:

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