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There is No Music Representative in the Government's Cultural Task Force

In an attempt to aid to revival of Britain's cultural sector, a new Cultural Renewal Taskforce has been established. Representatives from the arts, cultural, and sporting worlds will come together to plan out the ways in which the UKs creative industries can get back on their feet following this period of national lockdown. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said that: "We are determined to do all we can to help our sectors that are such an incredible part of British life in their recovery. The Taskforce is made up of some of the brightest and best from the cultural, sporting and tech worlds. Experts in their fields, they’ll be instrumental in identifying creative ways to get these sectors up and running again."

However, it appears that this list of representatives does not include a dedicated music representative, leaving the task force with an alarming lack of expertise in the area. With the entire industry having ground to a halt, the true cost of Covid 19 upon the music industry is yet to be fully calculated. Executive director of the Music Producers Guild Olga FitzRoy remarked that: "I think people often only see the glamorous side of the music business, forgetting that musicians, studios and engineers usually live at the bottom of the supply chain, and are often living hand-to-mouth with not much in the way of savings."

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