Figgis - Movements EP Review

May 7, 2020




Leeds-based producer Figgis’ latest release comes in the form of a five-track EP, he comes fresh off the back DJing the debut event for Velocity, a new up-and-coming events company who put on their first night at Old Red Bus Station back in February.

The opener, ‘Bones’, uses chopped up vocal sampling and syncopated percussion to create a
real sunrise anthem, for those early morning hours where your energy levels are depleting and
it’s your mind which needs stimulating. An underlying synth line brings a real sense of warmth to
the track, which acts as a great support to various different paths the instrumental proceeds to



Soulful vocals are present throughout the majority of the first half of the EP, which all sound like
they could have been lifted from a 90s R&B deep cut. The title track uses them seamlessly
while a set of charming synth arpeggios gain more momentum as the track progresses.
‘Yesterday’s Dance’ sees a slight change of pace, taking a more sinister tone, combining an off-
kilter rhythm with a haunting soundscape which is reminiscent of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein’s
acclaimed Stranger Things score. These unsettling tones are met with sharp drums, hitting
harder than they do anywhere else in the EP, showcasing that Figgis’ production chops are
anything but limited.


The final song, ‘Lost In LS6’, acts as a fitting closer. A hard kick drum is deployed early on in the
track, but the rest of the instrumental components here reign in the pace to great effect - paying
homage to the beloved Hyde Park/Headingley area.

A vanilla 4x4 beat will be hard to come by on this EP, what Figgis shows with this release is that
his brand of electronica will make you think more than it’ll make you dance. The percussion
refuses to take a back seat for the whole ride, and the amiable synth textures are put together in
a way that is incredibly hard not to warm to.

Movements EP is out now, stream it HERE.

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