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Jamie xx returns with unapologetic track 'idontknow'

Jamie xx breaks his five-year hiatus from solo producing, returning with the tempo chopping, indulgent track Idontknow. The subtle and effortless style that emerged from his first album In Colour (2015) has been thrown to the side for this release, instead choosing to boast his extraordinary talent through the track’s extravagant and complex parts.

Although criticised by a few for trying too hard, Idontknow is an unapologetically bold piece of producing. From a moderate start, keeping to industrial sounding drum layers and breaks, the track really surpasses all expectations with its acceleration to 160 bpm. It is here that the culmination of outlandish bassline, strong synth lines and spacey, chopped up female vocals push the sound into a new realm of exploration. It's ridiculously chaotic, and at points audibly confusing, yet hard not to warm to as a piece of self-expression from Jamie xx.

“I made Idontknow as an outlet for my frustration over not being able to finish any music for a while,” Jamie xx explained on his Instagram, regarding the release. “I tried to be less precious with my ideas and just let go. I then watched this translate onto the dance floor when I started playing it out last year. Now, we can’t go out to dance and we need an outlet more than ever, I hope you dance to it at home and let go for a moment.”

Idontknow was released on the 15th April 2020.

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