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The platform with a mission to make electronic music more accessible

The turn of the decade proved to be a pivotal time in how we make and consume music, analog gave way to digital affecting all corners of the music world. On the consumer end, cassettes gave way to CDs, shifting to MP3 files and even more recently streamed music. As common knowledge holds, the highly controversial advent of file sharing and CD bootlegging would shake up the industry’s revenue model for good. A similar shift was happening with how music was produced and more importantly who could produce it, Pro Tools' innovated graphical interface that brought the entire recording rig to the computer screen, from the soundboard to the outboard gear to the multitrack unit entirely available on the computer screen. The dream of limitless, flexible computer multi-tracking was steadily becoming a reality. We now find ourselves with a plethora of options when it comes to recording and producing our own music, with an abundance of platforms that all facilitate producing in different ways. However, it is apparent from the majority of these programmes that the cost involved and the often difficult learning curve can deter aspiring producers. That is where the newly launched platform Ocean have stepped in.

Ocean is a simple & fun platform to make music using just your web browser. Using their sequencer and curated sound library you can quickly make your own beats, sequence full tracks and share your creations through your public profile.

Ocean founder Robin Hunter created the platform with a simple mission in mind "We believe electronic music-making should be accessible, affordable and fun for all. We aim to lift the barriers that are often associated with electronic music-making and enable people to enjoy making music, exploring sounds and collaborating with people globally." One of our favourite aspects of the platform is that it allows you to search for your favourite sounds by mood, instrument or loop/one-shot. You just Simply drag your chosen sound on to the sequencer and start creating patterns. The collaborative aspect is also a real strength of the platform you simply click collaborate and share the invite link with your friends to work on a track together in real-time through the magic of the internet.

The platform, that is currently easiest to use on desktop, is constantly making adjustments to meet their mission of enabling music-making in an affordable, accessible and collaborative way. We can't to see what else they have in store over the following months, in crazy times like this there has never been a better time to get invested in a platform that welcomes producers of all abilities.

You can Register for Ocean HERE.

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