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Introducing: SHADE

Manchester is internationally recognised as being a city with a great musical history. Even now, it continues to keep producing world-class bands and musicians. Some say the true driving force behind the surge in Manchester’s musical popularity was Tony Wilson and his famous Factory Records label – there is no doubt in everyones mind that he was of immense significance to Manchester's affinity with music. But the reality is that the thriving music scene we now see in Manchester isn't solely down to musical exports like ‘Wonderwall’ or Factory Records. The Britpop craze ended abruptly, and Manchester found itself in an unknown position with small venues closing down.

The Manchester music scene has now reached far beyond Britpop and had a re-birth, with several small independent venues opening their doors once again, especially in the developing Northern Quarter area of the city. This included venues such as The Roadhouse and Band on the Wall, both of which becoming safe havens for local indie and grassroots musicians. This new unique scene is richer in creative and cultural diversity, a scene where The Blinders can share the plaudits with IAMDDB. Manchester truly is a city that truly accommodates to all artists, which is what makes it such an iconic musical landmark. A band thriving from this revived scene are SHADE, a Manchester powerhouse indie rock band. We talked to Adam & Luke from the band about how they formed, how they assess Manchester music scene & what lies ahead for them.

Names and roles in the band? Rhythm guitar and Vocals - Luke Owens Bass and Vocals - Adam Taylor Clare Lead guitar - Macca (just Macca) Drums - Oliver Clare How did you all meet each other? Luke: Me and Oliver met in school and have toyed around with the idea of a band for years. We tought ourselves how to play all these instruments and went from there. Further down the line we met Macca in college and asked him to join our band, he thinks he's Slash.

Adam: Then I remember going to watch them play and they said that their bass player was leaving so I decided to step in until they found another bass player but I never left. Now I'm the Daddy of the group.

What others projects are and have you been part of? Adam: We have all been in other little bands before this. I was in a band called Kalian about three years ago, we signed for a small label then everything went a bit tits up so we decided to call it quits there. Things happen for a reason though. Shade have an amazing bass player now. How does SHADE differ to other projects you’ve been involved in? Luke: We truly believe we have the songs and the ability to create this atmosphere that is amazing to watch live. We differs have this power on stage that is obvious from when we walk on. So your a Manchester based band, how do you assess the music scene? Luke: We find there will always be competition with artists but we try to support everyone we can and we find other artist support us to which is what you need in the music industry. Adam: I think Manchester is the hardest place to 'make it 'as a band because theres so many so you do have to work doubly hard to ensure you get noticed but I think we're doing that at the moment.

Above: Adam(Bass & Vocals)

Are there any other cities your really keen to play in? Adam: We've always said we want to do a tour if the north west and celebrate where we come from. Leeds and Liverpool would be a great place to start. Is there a song that reminds you most of being in Shade? Luke: No not that we can think of in terms of sound. We're always listening to Macca play the solos from every Guns and Rose's song you can think of though. Adam: Everytime Welcome to the Jungle comes on I think of him.

Tracks like 'Jump Into Heaven' are perfect for live shows. Are you thinking of a live audience when you write your songs or is it far more introspective? Luke: Most of the songs were write with an acoustic guitar and start from there. The songs are much much more chilled out before we bring them into the band room but it really does depend on what sort of song and feel we’re aiming for. A lot of your songs are about perseverance and venturing into the unknown. How far do you see the band going and what are your aims in the future? Luke: We’re not to sure on this one we’re just enjoying what we do in the moment and if the band takes off that would be amazing but we’re all just kind of living in the moment. Adam: Yeah I agree with Luke there. I'm really enjoying what we're doing at the moment and I think that's the most important thing about doing anything. You've got to love it.

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