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Brudenell Social Club have a fighting chance of survival

Coronavirus has impacted us all. Irrespective of who you are, how you earn our money, or what your lifestyle is, the epidemic will have undoubtedly impacted your life. One of the most profound implications of coronavirus has been the impact put upon businesses, especially independent ones. The Brudenell Social Club is a business that has come under severe financial pressure amid the ensuing uncertainty of coronavirus, with self-isolation resulting in them having to cancel all nights and temporarily shut the venue down. Brudenell Social Club is a lively and fun-loving venue that embraces music and art under a wide and diverse umbrella that has no boundaries. Their open music policy believes in freedom and creation, and holds the belief that music and expression provide useful social interactions.

Nathan, who runs the club in Hyde Park, Leeds, said in an interview with Leeds Live : "The schemes and support measures brought forward by the Chancellor in respect of Covid-19 have and will undoubtedly aid Brudenell Social Club navigate through one of our greatest business challenges in our 106 year history." “We will look to utilise all schemes where possible, such as the small business grant, alongside furloughing our employees and furthermore appreciate the business rates holiday which will give us much more flexibility in our cash-flow over that period. This package will give us a fighting chance to pull through and continue to support the community in the future.”

This comes in light of the government deciding to provide a £22bn rescue package for businesses affected by the coronavirus outbreak, including those in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. The measures were implemented by chancellor Rishi Sunak in an attempt to prioritise high street and local trade. The Brudenell Social Club has been most famous for hosting secret gigs for bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs in the past. The venue has been a centrepiece of the Leeds music scene for a number of years, always supporting local promoters and acts. We hope to see them carry on their fantastic work and fight through what must be their biggest challenge since establishing as a venue in 1913.

Photo credits: Sam Saunders (1st), Charys Ellmer (2nd)

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