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Bicep are Back with Atmospheric Anthem 'ATLAS'

'ATLAS' - Bicep

Bicep have released their first new music in nearly 2 years. About time. The boys from Belfast brought out ‘ATLAS’ yesterday, and it is a beautiful addition to their catalogue. Although, they seem to have released it in the stealthiest way possible, given that tune only has around 35,000 views on YouTube. This is a surprisingly slow start considering that literally everyone in the world is scouring the internet for entertainment right now. However, we’re sure that this release will grow to be as equally respected as its predecessors.

'ATLAS’ starts its journey with a pure and atmospheric vocal sample that ebbs and flows throughout the song. The calm and compressed breakbeat style that Bicep are known for carries you forward until a skippy synth and deep bass bleed into the mix. You might say that these elements have all been explored before, and that this is nothing new in the Bicep saga. You might be right, but it still sounds great. Also, these guys carved out their own chunk of the electronic scene by blending these tones, so they’re allowed to keep using them in our book.

The entire world has slowed down in the last couple weeks, and ‘ATLAS’ has matched that pace. It’s easy to get lost in this track, especially on sunny days like these.

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