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A list of all independents still open in Leeds

There has been a significant strain put on businesses amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, the most negatively impacted businesses have been independent traders and owners. Many of them survive on pay cheque to pay cheque and don't have the luxury to save bail-out money for their business, resulting in them suffering most and having to make heartbreaking sacrifices to desperately try and stay afloat in such uncertain times. Leeds has a rich & proud history of independent trade with one of the most recognised city markets in Europe, the impact has been visible in the city with many stores having to stop trade and close their doors.

The wonderful people of Leeds Indie Food have put together an event tool on their website that shows you what independent stores are still open for trade. It's a fantastic way of knowing where you can go in the city to support the businesses that need your help the most.

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All you have to do is head to their wonderful site, which we have left a link to below. In these unprecedented times it's crucial we look out for the people, institutions, charities and businesses most vulnerable. As always look out for each other and stay safe. The link can be found here:

Click HERE to see what businesses are still open.

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