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Track Review: Jack Nugent // Turbulent Dreams

‘Turbulent Dreams’ begins by picking you up and placing you in a haunting echo chamber of sound and before long, the brawny breakbeat nestles itself at the forefront of the mix, where it remains for the majority of the run-time. We are then treated to a truly remarkable sample which creeps in and out of the track throughout, pretty much as it pleases. This clunky tone perfectly fills any gaps left by the main percussion and it brings a real sense of industrialism to track.

Around the two-minute mark, everything that the track has built up so far momentarily cuts away. What we are left with is dark synth tones with soul stirring vocals scattered across them, before these synths are amplified and accompanied by the very same percussion and clunky samples that got us where we are. It is at this point that the track starts firing on all cylinders, as each individual section of the track suddenly finds new ways of complementing one another.

Choir-style vocals edge their way into the mix around the half-way point, reminiscent of an old Halo soundtrack you’d hear emanating from an XBOX 360. The track then falls to almost silence before a distorted version of the drum pattern we have become so familiar with by this point in the track, starts breathing down our necks once again. The pay off from reaching this crescendo is even more rewarding than the previous, as a more sombre aura is achieved through subtle changes to the synth work.

Elements of the track slowly start to drift off into the abyss as we approach the end, with each remaining kick drum sitting more lonely than the last. ‘Turbulent Dreams’ combines an array of emotive components to create something with genuine personality, and a tendency to loiter in the mind of its listener for quite some time.

You can listen to 'Turbulent Dreams' on Soundcloud.

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