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Behind the Brush: Martine Mooijenkind

In late 2017, we spoke to the Dutch Collage Artist,Martine Mooijenkind. What ensued was a revealing conversation that explained how she first got into Art, her development as an artist and her appreciation of the internet as an output for Art.

First of all, how was 2017 for you?

2017 was kind of rough for me. I broke up with my partner after five years and had to readjust my life again. It's been a tough year, but through the help of my loving friends and family,I managed it pretty well. I have lived in Haastrecht for four years,but now I am back in my hometown Gouda again, where I was born and raised. I love it because everything is very local and you can travel around on a bicycle.

How did you get into Art?

I've been actively involved in art from an early age, I remember sculpting snow as a kid, collecting leafs to dry and making humans figures from them as a gift to members of my family. My aunt and uncle still have one hanging on their door after more than 20 years! I have always loved creating, my room as a kid was full of projects I'd worked on. I always dreamt of going to art school, but after high school I decided to go into the field of Healthcare instead. I now work as a care attendant for the disabled and I really love it! This choice of career didn't dampen my passion for Art, I carried on creating. I love using Art as a source of relaxation, to express my feelings, it really helps me cope with everyday struggles.

You are a real fan of Collage based Art, what is it you like so much about it?

What I love about the art of Collage making, is that I can really get lost in creating new imaginary world's and scenes. I have always had a wild imagination since being a kid and I love to express it in this way.

Each of your pieces seem to have a cohesive aesthetic. Is this a deliberate design choice? Do you have any words to describe this personal aesthetic?

Usually my pieces start off with a series of clippings that I have collected over time. I like to use some sort of perspective in my work and like to create depth in it. I love using natural textures and themes, but also work with abstract images from time to time. I love having the ability to change the look of the piece halfway, by shifting the images across the paper I'm working on, creating a totally different layout.

The majority of posts on your Instagram are pieces of your work. Do you think that the popularity of social media is a positive thing for artists such as yourself?

I think that social media is a good thing for artists to get their name out there. My main reason for pursuing art is to use it as a form of self expression, so social media activity acts as a confirmation system of doing 'Okay'. I sometimes can become insecure about the things I am working on so getting feedback, comments and likes on my work can act as a positive boost. Although it can be a bit of a pity when the amount of feedback is low or not what you would expect to be.

One of your more recent posts featured a photograph of you looking back through your previous works. How do you feel that your style as an artist has developed from then to now?

In general my work has a certain atmosphere or style, but I can also throw in a completely different style. Like just an image with a small line of text. I keep most of the work personal and for self- expression only.I think the biggest change in my work is the size and the complexity of the works. I have recently started working on A3 size papers,incorporating more complex images in my work. Some cutting work is very precise and takes a while. Previously I was more focused on producing a series of pieces, but now it's more about the quality of such pieces.

Finally, do you have any things we should get excited about?

Recently I've started focusing a bit more on working with other artists across the globe,in the hope of collaborating. It's fun to see how despite having very different styles, we can merge them together. I really enjoy challenging myself in creating new pieces.

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