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The Bandwagon:Bokito

This week we board the bandwagon of an Irish born,London based 5 piece band.They are self-proclaimed; ‘tropic indie’ peddlers, engagers in unpredictable sonic shenanigans, and mass movers of hips. Ladies and Gentlemen we bring you Bokito!

Their music grabs you and shakes you like a fleshy maraca in the hands of their primate namesake ,along to; Moses (vocals), Joe (guitar), Jody (bass), Tom (drums) and Sam’s (keys) effervescent, afro-beat infused alt-rock rhythms. The Bokito boys have built themselves quite the reputation for their rip-roaring live sets of late and it’s no surprise. It is my guarantee that they will have you jiving,just ask anyone who’s seen them play live. Better yet, see it for yourself in Dublin at the Hard Working Class Heroes festival on September 29th or in London at The Lexington on October 28th. If you can’t attend either and can’t wait for a gig closer to home then I offer an alternative route to a Bokito boogie bonanza that you can get at home. Their set for Pirate Studios is still available on Facebook on the link below the picture, it is full of sun-kissed melodies to whet your appetite for Bokito. So no excuses for missing out.

Above: The artwork for the single 'Better at Getting Worse.'

Pirate Studio Session:

The Glastonbury Emerging Talent nominees latest single ‘Aloof’, released on Lost in the Manor records, takes you on a romp through a galaxy of genres opening with a Jeff Buckley-esque vocal that has as much in common as a flute as it does a human voice, before rising into a light, funk-riddled bass line and crash landing in a significantly more visceral place. ‘Aloof’, available on their Soundcloud and Spotify, demonstrates Bokito’s ability to seamlessly meld styles together with a tropical glue. ‘Aloof’ builds on their first meandering release ‘Better at Getting Worse’ and their storming live sets, meaning that Bokito could be in for a massive end to 2017.

Above:The artwork for the single ALOOF

Hit them up at all good social media outlets. Board the bandwagon before it gets away.





Words by: Jack Price

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