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Ebenezer: 'As an artist, you’re always looking to expand your audience. For me, collaborating is

After Rejjie Snow’s sell out show at the Belgrave Music Hall, we spoke to upcoming rap artist Ebenezer, who features on Rejjie Snow's 2017 hit single Flexin. We spoke about: his thoughts on the night, the importance of collaboration and what the future holds for him.

How did you find tonight?

Ebenezer: (Laughs) Sensational. Absolutely sensational!

How did you end up collaborating with Rejjie on 'Flexin'?

Ebenezer: I’ve known Rejjie for some time now. I’ve recently been taken on by the same management as him. One day they just sent me the track, asking if I wanted to do a chorus on it. I gave it a listen and loved what I heard, within a couple of days I sent them back my chorus. The next thing you know, they are calling me, asking if I wanted to come up to Leeds to perform. It’s all happened so quickly, but it’s great to have this opportunity.

Making the song with Rejjie sounds like an amazing experience, but what was it like finally performing it with him on stage?

Ebenezer: Making the song was one thing, but being able to perform it was honestly such a blessing. The crowd in Leeds were amazing. I need to get back here as soon as possible, the energy tonight was just mad! I’m sure Rejjie would agree with me here, there is no better feeling than seeing fans fuck with your music. Nights like tonight are what it’s all about, it’s gave me a lot of motivation to push on and keep working hard.

How important do you think collaboration between artists is?

Ebenezer: It gives you the chance to connect to a whole new world of people that you didn’t even know were out there. People who fuck with my stuff get to find out about Rejjie and vice versa. As an artist, you’re always looking to expand your audience. For me, collaborating is for sure one of the best ways of doing that.

Do you have any plans for the future?

Ebenezer: I don't want to give much away, but for sure there's a lot to come from me. What i cam tell you though, is that I'm going to be dropping some tracks very soon. I really want to use the success of tonight to elevate myself as an artist. I want people to fuck with my music, in the same way they do with Rejjie's.

Edited by: Josh Crowe

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