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Whitelocust Unleashes Raw Nostalgia and Defiance in Debut Single

After over a decade of musical collaboration, Whitelocust has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Formed in late 2021, this tight-knit quartet showcases a rare bond and intuition that few bands can match. Their signature sound, refined through years of shared songwriting, pays homage to '90s icons like Soundgarden, Jane's Addiction, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, while embracing the smooth and sultry vibes of '70s legends such as Fred Neil, Robert Plant, and Jim Morrison.

In a refreshing twist, Whitelocust's music offers a modern spin on beloved classics, evoking nostalgic emotions while remaining distinctly their own. Their debut EP, "Nothing on the Other Side," features the first single, "Your Way," which the band describes as the epitome of Whitelocust's essence.

Scheduled for release on July 21, "Your Way" immediately grabs attention as a funk rock summer anthem. Yet, beneath the catchy beats lies a powerful message of defiance. Frontman Stefan Florea sheds light on the pervasive deception found in all aspects of society, from relationships to religion and politics. With impassioned lyrics like "You're giving me something to believe in, but every time it is the same," and "You look at me in the eyes like you need me, but I ain't gonna play your game," Florea strikes a chord with listeners.

While the chorus immerses fans in a whirlwind of funk-inspired energy, "Your Way" showcases Whitelocust's songwriting prowess by seamlessly toying with dynamics. They expertly capture an electrifying groove that sets hearts racing, only to punctuate it with moments of introspection and clarity.

Prepare to be captivated by Whitelocust's debut single, a potent blend of raw nostalgia and unyielding defiance. Stay tuned for their EP release on July 21, as this band is poised to make their mark on the music scene with their unique sound and unwavering authenticity.

Head over to their Socials HERE.


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