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Getting To Know: Alex Hopkins

Alex Hopkins is set to release his latest single, "Intertwining Storylines," on May 24, 2024. Known for his support from BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, and aBreak Radio, Alex continues to impress with his growing achievements in the music industry. Drawing comparisons to Holly Humberstone, Sam Fender, Hozier, and The Script, his new track is an engrossing and catchy anthem that delves into the relatable emotions of a 'situationship.'

Co-written with Patch Chiverton and Conan MacDermott, produced by Patch, and mixed by Jamie Sellers (Elton John, Ed Sheeran) with mastering by Tess Greenham (Billie Eilish), "Intertwining Storylines" showcases Alex's captivating vocals and raw-edged sound. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Alex shares, “I went into the session in February 2023 wanting to write about something which wasn’t sad or angry. ‘Intertwining’ is inspired by a crush which I wasn’t ready to admit to at the time.”

With its soaring sound and engaging lyrics, "Intertwining Storylines" is a testament to Alex Hopkins' vibrant and heartfelt artistry. We caught up with him ahead of the release.

1. Your latest single, "Intertwining Storylines," explores the concept of a 'situationship'. Can you share more about the inspiration behind the song and how personal experiences influenced its creation?

Intertwining Storylines is a song inspired by a small crush I had on someone while I was writing the song. I didn’t want to act on it so I decided to write a song instead to get my feelings out. I didn’t think I was ready for a relationship at the time either after coming out of my last relationship so recently. 

2. With support from BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, and aBreak Radio, along with attention from major and indie labels, your career trajectory has been impressive. How do you navigate the balance between artistic integrity and industry expectations as your audience expands?

Thank you for your kind words! With work and music, as well as the challenges which come with both, it can be difficult! However, releasing, writing songs and performing are the only things I’ve ever wanted to do. Radio support has definitely helped in the effort to get to a point where I can become a musician full time in the future. TikTok and TikTok live have also been very helpful as I’ve been able to talk to my audience and build connections through it. 

3. Collaborating with Patch Chiverton and Conan MacDermott on "Intertwining Storylines" resulted in a captivating alternative anthem. Can you delve into your creative process when collaborating with other songwriters and producers, and how it contributes to shaping your sound?

I have worked with Patch for a very long time! Out of anyone in the music industry, he probably knows me more than anyone and how I work. Intertwining was produced arguably very quickly in comparison to my other releases due to this! The song was wrote on Conan’s farm, where all 3 of us talked about different situations we had all been in. 

4. Your music has been described as having an "expansive raw-edged sound" and your vocals as "engaging." How do you approach maintaining authenticity in your sound while experimenting with different sonic elements to keep your music fresh and relevant?

I just like to be myself. What you get in my music is me putting my heart on my sleeve and me being honest about how I feel in the moment. We are always using different elements in songs to keep each fresh. 

5. "Intertwining Storylines" was mixed by Jamie Sellers and mastered by Tess Greenham, both esteemed professionals in the industry. How do you believe their contributions enhanced the final product, and what do you look for when selecting collaborators for your music projects?

Both Tess and Jamie are incredible professionals. Their effort on the project brought it to another level, just like Patch’s and Conan’s. 


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