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GOMID: Tracks That Shaped Our Sound

GOMID, the innovative duo consisting of a Nigerian gothic vocalist and a British producer of post-industrial ambience, seamlessly blend the sounds and legacies of hip hop, techno, ambient electronica, and folk to create a live experience that is both familiar and unrecognizable.

After months of finalizing and crystallizing the video for what they consider one of their greatest songs, GOMID premiered it at Tibyan Sanoh and 54 Agency's first-ever film screening event, alongside other incredible artists. The overwhelming positive reception has fueled their excitement to finally share this masterpiece with the public. We spoke to them about the tracks that shaped their sound, enjoy!

Nadja — Incubation / Metamorphosis:

The weight of this album crushes you inside out. The central guitar riff in Winter Procession is reminiscent of the heavy guitars and textures found in this piece.

Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix):

This Electronic Dance Music track represents for me the height of the genre in the 2010s. Its euphoric chord stabs influenced the bass line which characterises the coming of spring in Winter Procession

Cos — Oostend, Oostend

This album is a maze of transcendent harmony and jazz—rock fusion. The meandering synth and guitar sounds match Winter Procession’s evolving phases.

A fond Farewell - Elliot Smith

I love the way Elliot Smith writes. There is a clear amount of effort and intent that goes into all of his metaphors, but there is an extra detail and care that makes them childish and visceral. It’s all so emo. I felt that. And I think the few lines in Winter Procession have a nursery rhyme quality that we both share.

Time Capsule - Weldon Irvine. 

I composed the piano and synths for Winter Procession. And I didn’t exactly have this in mind but I love almost everything I have heard from Weldon Irvine’s extensive career. I’m sure it’s influenced me somehow, at least on a harmonic level. Time capsule is my favourite of his melodies. It’s very cheeky


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