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Unusual Demont X Babystep Magazine – The Tracks That Shaped Our Sound 

Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of Unusual Demont as he unveils his latest EP, 'CHRYSALIS,' dropping on December 8th. Packed with a kaleidoscope of genre-defying tracks straight from the soul of the creator, this 5-track masterpiece includes the hit singles 'NIGHTTIME' and 'ALL THAT U WANT,' along with fresh beats in 'STARBURST,' 'SOMETHING,' and 'COMPANY.'

With accolades pouring in from Metal Magazine, Ones To Watch, KALTBLUT, and Wonderland Magazine, Unusual Demont's campaign is on fire, building anticipation for the EP's release day. Don't miss out on the buzz – mark your calendars for a musical journey like no other!

Tame Impala - One More Year (ALL THAT U WANT)

Through the whole process of this album, I was listening to so much Tame, there’s just something in those drums. You can even hear it on ‘STARBURST’. But I definitely was in a space where it was in the heaviest rotation when I made this song. Specifically, One More Year. I loved the motif of repeating the same phrase over and over again and just worked backwards. “How can I make ‘all that you want from your life’ sound cool saying it over and over again?” Couple hours later ALL THAT U WANT was done. 

The Cardigans - Carnival (STARBURST)

I think The Cardigans aren’t given enough credit for making really out of the box melodies and chord progressions that tickle the brain in a really good way. That’s all to say, the entire ‘LIFE’ album actually inspired this song, but ‘Carnival’, specifically, is the one that was the catalyst to me discovering it. All the way across the album, there’s such a charm to how lovey dovey their hooks and lyrics are, almost to the point of being corny. And it really inspired me to cut loose of trying to sound “too cool” about love. So, I just tried to emulate that mushy sound and STARBURST came together.

 Amine - Charmander (NIGHTTIME)

Again, like with the last two songs, the entire album TWOPOINTFIVE is actually what inspired this song. I had the first half of NIGHTTIME for a really long time, and initially, it was gonna go into a slow, almost lethargic sounding, second half with a rap. But what I did on it didn’t scratch the itch I felt of what the song needed. At the same time, I was listening to this album a lot and loved the process on the vocals, and just upbeat energy across the entire project. It was something I really needed at the time. So, I decided to try my hand at recreating that trap-hyperpop (?) sound, but with dnb drums. And it turned into one of my favorite songs I’ve made. 

Lucky Daye - Roll Some Mo (SOMETHING)

This song itself is actually more inspired by Lucky’s singing style in general. I actually went into it trying to write a track for him, but about halfway through, I realized I wanted it for myself and switched gears. The pre-hook is where the influence is most prominent, just that transition into the higher register reminded me of something that would sound crazy if he did it. The song ‘Roll Sum Mo’ is also just one of my favorites of all time. 

Ghost Town DJs - My Boo (COMPANY)

Of all the songs on this list, I’d say the actual inspiration was probably the hardest to pinpoint. It actually didn’t even come up until the first iteration of the song was done. I didn’t start this track listening to anything specific at the time, or going in with any intention, but once we finished the first version of the song it just clicked to me the double time pattern on ‘My Boo’ would turn this into something I loved. I grew up with that song (I actually sampled it on one of the first songs I ever posted on SoundCloud my friends actually enjoyed) and always wanted to make something that had that same bounce. Somehow the stars aligned, and ‘COMPANY’ was the perfect base to use the pattern.


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