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Ulrich Forman Unveils Intimate News Single ‘Breathin’

Today, January 20th, French composer, songwriter and producer Ulrich Forman unveils ‘Breathin’, the first single taken from his upcoming album ‘Chapter IV’, due for release next Spring. Stream ‘Breathing’ here. Watch the video here.

“Falling in love unprepared, that’s what ‘Breathin’ is all about,” says Ulrich, beautifully describing in few words the shortness of breath, the jolting concoction of emotions, racing heart beats, nervousness, fumbles and happiness of the first kiss. Though, instead of considering it like a moment frozen in time, Ulrich invites us to live this love to the fullest, regardless of how badly it will most likely end. “I forgot to breathe, I forgot to think twice before falling in love, but there’s no use in running,” he enthuses.

Intimate, crafted with precision and delicacy, Ulrich’s music is wrapped around lyrics tinged with poetry. His arrangements, both sober and rich, sewn thread by thread with remarkable craftsmanship, combine emotive melodies, intricate guitars and warm acoustics with touches of electronic influences to create delicate yet expansive indie folk songs. Like the forthcoming album, ‘Breathin’ embodies the perfect balance between the acoustic elements of his previous releases and his more recent experimentation with electronic elements through the layering of acoustic guitars and the highly reworked melodic samples running in the background.

His previous releases - including two EPs, ‘See My Love’ and ‘Chapter II’, followed by the debut album ‘Chapter III’ - have seen his signature sound evolving from rusty folk to bloomy and sheer compositions bathed in tenderness. On stage or in studio, he collaborates with Yann Tiersen, Fab Dupont (Paul Mc Cartney/Carly Rae Jepsen), Florent Livet (Phoenix/Bloc Party), Pavle Kovacevic (Sébastien Tellier), Chab (Feist/Daft Punk) and Graham Hawthorne (Brian Wilson/Paul Simon).

‘Breathin’ provides a first glimpse into Ulrich Forman's upcoming album, one that proves the evolution of his musical journey.


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