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Tune Of The Day: Sweet Summers Day By Tamaraebi

Following the resounding triumph of his project "Spectrum," clocking over 2 million streams across diverse digital platforms and earning a coveted spot on FIFA 22, Tamaraebi unveils his latest gem, "Sweet Summers Day." Demonstrating his unyielding commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, this gospel-infused masterpiece serves as a prelude to an upcoming EP that promises to be just as innovative and captivating.

"Sweet Summers Day" encapsulates the enchanting allure of Prince's legacy and the introspective finesse of Frank Ocean. The song's evocative narrative delves into the realm of yearning, leading listeners on a poignant expedition to a realm where life once flowed effortlessly, or perhaps to an envisioned future where tranquility reigns, akin to the essence of a lost angel.

With a voice that transports you into another realm, Tamaraebi effortlessly blends genres, earning him the title of genre-fluid, and coining his sound as "futuristic nostalgia" - a perfect blend of the familiar and the novel that brings a fresh perspective to pop music's landscape.

Tamaraebi himself reveals the essence behind "Sweet Summers Day": "In a single take during a period of uncertainty, we captured this piece. I was grappling with questions about my path, artistic journey, and self-discovery. The chorus encapsulates a longing for renewal and self-acceptance, symbolized by rain and the cleansing power of water."

Tamaraebi's previous EP "Spectrum" garnered acclaim from influential platforms like Evening Standard, The Line of Best Fit, and Wonderland, along with widespread radio play on BBC London, BBC Wales, and Jazz FM. His previous singles' videos have amassed over 200k views on YouTube, and his tracks have enjoyed extensive playlisting on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Born in Nigeria and raised across various continents, Tamaraebi's journey from studying law at Leeds University to discovering his true passion for music and embracing his calling as an artist is nothing short of inspirational. The tale of his evolution culminates in his undeniable gift - the ability to capture hearts and minds with his exceptional vocals and visionary soundscapes.


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