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rEMA soundgasm Steals The Show With New Release

Tomorrow Benin City’s Rema reveals the next installment from his forthcoming debut

album in the shape of “Soundgasm”, produced by London. Rema’s visceral vocals are at the centre

of the song whilst his playful wordplay paints a sensual picture. The guitar plays an unlikely lead

character and is perfectly paired with a bouncy melody. Shot in LA, the visuals see Rema and his

love interest in a rural setting with their silhouettes and chemistry creating a scene you can't take

your eyes off.

The 21-year-old has risen into mainstream consciousness globally with his unmatched vocals,

ingenious songwriting and ease at being unapologetically himself. Showing no signs of taking his

foot off the pedal now, 2021 has already seen Rema reach huge highs with; “Bounce”, “Dimension”,

his collaboration with Skepta and Jae5, not to forget “Twisted Fantasy” his recent track with New

York native Justine Skye.

As his album begins to take shape in the way Rema envisaged, he becomes more prepared for battle

mode with each day that passes. His artistic approach is inspiring and has already influenced many

artists both on the come up and fully established, although they’d never admit. With every song he

evolves and his fluid approach to both himself and his music is what is setting him apart from the

entire scene, creating a new framework for those who follow.

Rema continues to add to his list of achievements, on top of becoming one of Apple Music’s Up

Next artists in 2020, joining the FIFA 2021 soundtrack, catching the attention of Drake and Rihanna

There is a smartlink for tomorrow release HERE

This interview was written by Josh Crowe, head to his Instagram to read more content or get in touch about coverage.


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