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Tracks That Shaped Our Sound: The Cavs

Upcoming indie-rock outfit The Cavs are set to release their compelling anthem ‘Man In The Suit’. The dark and dynamic production, filled with driving guitars and spirited percussion, sees hard-hitting riffs propel the song forward with relentless energy. Matching the track’s ardor, the gritty vocals deliver soaring melodies and empowering lyrics, which carry a strong message against capitalism. Adding to The Cavs’ already stellar discography, ‘Man In The Suit’ sees the band take their kinetic signature sound to another level. We spoke to the band about the songs that shaped their sound for their latest release.

Racing Rats - The Editors

Its a classic editors tune with differing pace throughout the song, the choppy, overdriven guitars intermixed with piano sections make for an extremely catchy but also anthemic song which I think has influenced our new single greatly

Stereophonic - Hurry Up and Wait

Released in 99’ this track is a blend of Britpop and the 00s indie it paved the way for, it’s simple yet effective, there’s no showboating and no messing around. It encapsulates a great many of our influences and it’s influence can be heard in many of our own songs.

Underdog - Kasabian

We could have chosen almost any Kasabian song. Kasabian are the blend of riff driven guitar music, and groove ridden electronic sounds that as band we have a passion for. The simple memorable riff of Underdog is how we like to see 'Man in The Suit' and that riff ringing long in your head after you've listened, or your ears pricking up the minute you hear it.

Time For Heroes- The Libertines

This song solely influenced 'Man in The Suit' the most out of all of our picks. A song about the London riots and general disarray at the time, we wanted to bring that idea in a song through to the current day. As the last year has unfolded, it's only made the message of our song more poignant.

This interview was written by Josh Crowe, head to his Instagram to read more content or get in touch about coverage.


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