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Tracks That Shaped My Sound: Wooden Tape

Wooden Tape, real name Tim Maycox is a new artist with a debut album out on God Unknown Records on May 26th. Residing from Merseyside and having previously played in the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia as well as supporting acts such as Mainliner, Teeth of the Sea etc. His is a blend of folk, ambient, hauntology and library sounds. Wooden Tape has been working on somelive shows with a 5-piece band in support of the upcoming release. Ahead of the release we spoke to him about the tracks that shape his sound, enjoy:

The Free Life (B)

This is a classic piece of Alan Parker library music. It has a great picked acoustic guitar chord structure and a fluttery synth line. It is the sound of being called into the school hall and the television in the cabinet getting wheeled out, doors opened and the clock counting down. It has stuck with me forever and it's sound has shaped my music so much.

Beautiful and baroque. I love Bert Jansch but it was always Renbourn for me. I was lucky enough to see him live a lot over the years, his hands just seemed to glide over the fretboard. If I could play just a teeny weeny bit like him I would be a happy man! I had this on a sampler originally but it is another I keep going back to. Morgengruss II

I never get bored of this. So simple, 2 acoustic guitars and then 2 leads over the top, the symmetry is beautiful. Popol Vuh were stunning and their music means so much to me, this isn't necessarily typical of their music and isn't even by the mighty Florian Fricke but it ends up on pretty much every mix tape I do. The Fog Theme

It was this or the unbelievably cool theme tune to 'Escape From New York'. People talk about auteurs, what an auteur Carpenter was/is. Writer, Director, Soundtrack writer. This is spooky, minimal and has that piano/organ figure. Some spooky music can be beautiful, this isn't - it is just spooky! but I could listen to it on repeat forever. Peri Banu vid sjön (Version)

I love Dungen and have the original Haxan album, I think this mix is so good though. It has loads of space in it. I have this on vinyl and it is always in the pile by my record player. Dungen are masters and do that instrumental mixed with songs thing so well. Hampshire & Foat - Galaxies Like Grains of Sand [Audio] - YouTube

I discovered this fairly recently (in lockdown) It's another track I just keep playing. I think this track had a big influence on how 'Geodesic Eric' turned out. The whole album is great but this track is stunning. I've seen them labelled jazz, which is great but I hear so much within this one piece. It is timeless. Proper 3am music, which is a thing I love!

Check out Wooden Tape on Spotify.

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