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Track Of The Day: Flame To Flame By PLUMM

Plumm is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer hailing from South London with proud Welsh heritage constructing mood-driven soundscapes through her rich vocals. Her tracks are a mainstay in the BabyStep Studio, with more releases on the way we really can't wait to see what moer is to come from the London-based artist.

The wonderfully tempered Flame to Flame is our tune of the day. The one-take vocal performance that producer oneninenine and her were luckily recording at the time, dances around its constant pulse and wide dream-like space; providing a vulnerable but powerful piece of music.

In the live setting, Plumm's shows have created a buzz in the capitals Jazz scene with her varying arrangements; a full force Rock, Soul, Jazz band, a one woman vocal pedal show and part of larger collectives such as Levitation Orchestra. Plumm is also SOAS alumni with a degree in Ethnomusicology and a specialism in North Indian Classical music. Plumm is also a Year 6 Future Bubbler under Gilles Peterson.

Check out her music if you haven't already below:


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