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The Silver Lines Announce Debut EP

Imagine wearing a scratchy hand-knit sweater and playing flat-out rock 'n' roll music in a stuffy, dilapidated English country cottage. That's what it's like to be a Silver Line.

The Silver Lines were formed by brothers Joe and Dan Ravenscroft as a result of feeling uninspired by the landscape of guitar music as it stood. Taking matters into their own hands, they decided to start making the kind of music that turned them on. The lineup was then completed by Joe Cartwright on bass and Kindo on drums.

In a mere few years, The Silver Lines built success off the back of a series of energetic, indie-punk singles that established their ability to build a memorable discography. The band has ascended to a point of consistently selling out gigs in their hometown of Birmingham, having tracks spun on stations like BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6, and Radio X, and even cracking America upon performing at The New Colossus Festival in New York. Recently, they opened for Buzzcocks.

Feeling repulsed at the notion of being perceived as “just another all-white, male indie band that sings about working-class upbringings and teenage love,” The Silver Lines set out to craft an EP that both defies the genre and their peers within it. What they created, as a result, is a riveting collection of short stories that take the listener on a self-aware journey of S&M, night sweats, substance abuse, and sodomy. This is ‘SLEAZE.

On ‘SLEAZE,’ The Silver Lines successfully transcend beyond the confines of what is traditionally classified as ‘indie music.’ They weave a sonic tapestry of rhythmic hooks, lyrics that candidly chronicle the underbelly of the mind, top it off with dashes of funk and disco, and infuse it with the kind of classic rock ‘n’ roll energy that seems to have increasingly vanished with each passing decade. Because they each tell a different story, the EP’s five tracks are wholly distinct from one another in sound, style, and feel. The common thread that runs between them, though, is that they all display The Silver Lines’ knack for churning out tight, slick tracks.

Check out SLEAZE on Social Media HERE


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