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The Shakamoto Investigation Debut Album Is Punk At It's Finest

The Shakamoto Investigation are due to put their unique brand of energetic, dynamic

punk to a full album format. The recording process included using the same studio as

none other than Sleaford Mods to make the final cut, though their talents as a band go

way beyond comparisons to their peers.

The record kicks off with the high energy opener ‘Take It Or Leave It’, and as the name

suggests, the track takes no prisoners. A tight bassline supports the track well, and there’s an

electrifying vocal performance to match. This ends up being quite indicative of the album to come, the screeching guitars on ‘Beheaded’ and the abrasive vocal delivery on ‘Rats’ let the listener know what they’re in for quite early on in

the tracklist.

What also becomes clear throughout Existential Bread is that they’re quite the experts in

keeping a song engaging. Even when some instrumental components take a little detour or

even evade the mix completely for a few moments, there is always a bassline or a bit of

percussion to keep the energy alive - the record just simply won’t allow you to lose interest.

It’s not until track 9, ‘Green Lines’ that we’re given somewhat of a change of pace. In between

the verses on this cut we’re given a bassline which leaves a delightful off-beat which the guitar

riff perfectly slots into. This is before the speed picks back up and the drums are given a chance

to shine, resulting in a true album highlight.

More than anything though, what The Shakamoto Investigation showcase is that they know

exactly how to play to each other’s strengths. Each instrument is going toe to toe with the others

in terms of intensity and quality, resulting in them bringing out the best in one another musically.

Clocking in at just over half an hour, Existential Bread is an exhilarating and fun listen, while

simultaneously dripping in both personality and substance.

The album is to be released on December 4th, pre-order the album here.


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