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The Leeds-based eco fashion brand leading the way for equality.


As issues surrounding sustainability, gender equality and inclusivity are more often than

ever becoming topics of conversation, the fashion industry in particular faces new

expectations to meet.

A fashion brand producing collections that address all three of these matters is Leeds-based

ZaraMia Ava, introducing waste-free and genderless ranges, alongside catering for those

with invisible disabilities. Zara-Mia, the founder of the brand and Leeds Arts University

alumnus, prides herself on its inclusivity, stating that there are no ‘labels’ when it comes to

the clothing.

Items are made to order, using materials such as bamboo and organic cotton, meaning that

once they’re gone, they’re gone, unlike the common unsustainable fast-fashion approaches

popular today that encourage increase in land waste. The brand’s logo itself, being an

octagon, represents regeneration and infinity, symbolising its mission for sustainable

fashion practice.

The niche market of catering for those with disabilities is rarely seen within fashion,

however ZaraMia Ava are aiming to change this, designing items with soft fabrics and

external labels that can be worn by those with sensory issues, as well as their use of organic

materials meaning those with skin allergies don’t experience sensitivity.

Last year, Abbey House Museum in Leeds hosted their ‘He She They?’ exhibition,

showcasing the evolution of genderless clothing through time. ZaraMia Ava contributed as

the contemporary designer for the event, showcasing miniature versions of their genderless


The overall aim of the brand is to inspire people to make better choices when it comes to

fashion, encouraging a sustainable conscience, whilst also promoting freedom and

versatility within clothing.

Shop the label here:

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