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The Hydra and BICEP Unleash Unprecedented Electronic Spectacle at DRUMSHEDS


London's underground music scene is in for a seismic shakeup as The Hydra and long-term affiliates BICEP join forces for an electrifying event at DRUMSHEDS, marking their most ambitious venture yet. With over 11 years of shaping the city's club culture, The Hydra has evolved from intimate warehouse spaces to packing out the 5,000+ capacity Printworks. Now, they're pushing boundaries once again alongside BICEP, promising an unmissable night for electronic music enthusiasts.

Taking command of DRUMSHEDS' three vast spaces – X ROOM, Y ROOM, Z ROOM – The Hydra and BICEP are set to curate a lineup of the highest caliber within the underground realm. The CHROMA A/V DJ presentation by BICEP, combined with heavyweight production, lights, and AV, ensures an audio-visual feast that transcends the ordinary.

This event promises to be one for the true connoisseurs, featuring a handpicked selection of live acts, DJs, and producers spanning mind-bending techno, angular bass, breaks, and beyond. The roster boasts luminaries such as Daphni, Clark, SHERELLE, Marcel Dettmann, Kelly Lee Owens, Sicaria, Special Request, and more, uniting under The Hydra's banner for their most monumental edition yet.

Maintaining their enduring partnership with Broadwick Live, BICEP continues to be a driving force in shaping the musical identity of the visionary team. From their unannounced special guest appearance at Printworks' closing party, where they closed with an iconic edit of Sully's 5ives, BICEP has been an integral part of London's musical history. The saga continues as they extend an invitation to experimental UK bass producer Sully to join the lineup for this groundbreaking show.

Spanning DRUMSHEDS' colossal spaces – X ROOM, Y ROOM, Z ROOM – and enhanced by the cutting-edge production by UVA artists, The Hydra X BICEP promises an unparalleled audio-visual experience. With striking lights, captivating visuals, and a fearless exploration of the industrial space's versatility, this show is set to immerse attendees in an unforgettable sonic journey. Secure your tickets now for an event that defines the future of London's electronic music scene.


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