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The Hollows: Tracks That Shaped Our Sound

Manchester band, Hollows, are set to release their second single of the year, ‘The Floor’ via End of the Trail Records on June 30th. ‘The Floor’ reflects the band’s indifference to religion and the role it has played in their lives. We had the pleasure of discussing with them the tracks that shaped their sound.

Cocaine - Fidlar

'After first hearing this song via a video game, it instantly became an earworm for myself. I couldn't explain why, It's just one of those songs. There's this guitar riff in the intro which I began playing around with and making my own which went on to become the foundation of 'The Floor'.'

Fascination Street - The Cure

'If I could put every song from this album in here I would. The whole dark atmosphere and vibe really resonated with me after being introduced to the album via Sean (our singer and guitarist). I wanted to have a similar vibe present in our song.'

Short Bursts - We Were Promised Jetpacks

'More far-fetched, but this song influenced the lyrics to 'The Floor' through Sean mishearing a lyric within this song. He took this new version of the lyric and implemented it. This then helped create a theme to the song of discussing the band's impartial perspective on religion.'


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