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Swim Deep Unveils ‘First Song’ Off Upcoming Album ‘There’s A Big Star Outside’

Swim Deep drops their latest single ‘First Song’ from their eagerly awaited album ‘There’s A Big Star Outside’, set to release on June 7th through Submarine Cat Records. The album, a collaboration with the acclaimed Bill Ryder-Jones, showcases a mature, raw, and deeply personal sound.

‘First Song’ is a seamless blend of lush shoegaze and captivating melodies, showcasing Austin Williams’ most compelling vocal performance yet. Following the poignant ‘How Many Love Songs Have Died In Vegas?’, this track is a testament to Swim Deep’s creative resurgence and sets the stage for their much-anticipated new album.

Frontman Austin Williams reveals, “‘First Song’ was inspired by my newfound obsession with Mogwai, leading to a song that demanded to be written, centered around my childhood dream of a ‘nuclear’ family. It’s a reflection on the unconventional yet enriching upbringing I had.”

‘There’s A Big Star Outside’ marks a pivotal moment in Swim Deep’s journey, offering a sound rich in experience and depth. The album is a creative leap, produced in collaboration with Bill Ryder-Jones, and can be pre-ordered now.

The album tracklist includes:

1. How Many Love Songs Have Died In Vegas?

2. Very Heaven

3. These Words

4. Robin

5. Don't Make Me a Stranger

6. First Song

7. Big Star

8. It's Just Sun In Your Eyes

9. So Long, So Far (Marble-Bellied Baby)

10. Fire Surrounds

In addition to the single and album announcement, Swim Deep has revealed their first tour dates for the year, starting June 4th in Manchester and covering eleven cities across the UK. Swim Deep, composed of Austin Williams, Cavan McCarthy, James Balmont, Robbie Wood, and Thomas Fiquet, promises an unforgettable live experience. Tickets are now on sale for their June 2024 headline tour. For tickets and more information, visit the official Swim Deep website.


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