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Ship's Cat Announces Debut Album Release and Launch Party

Indie-rock quartet Ship's Cat, hailing from Bradford, is gearing up to release their highly anticipated debut album, titled 'Recovery Position,' on June 23rd. To celebrate this milestone, the band will be hosting an album launch party at Saltaire's Caroline Street Social Club on Sunday, June 25th, accompanied by some special guests.

Prior to the album release, Ship's Cat will be dropping the album's title track as a single on May 19th, available across all major streaming platforms. These songs were born during the challenging times of the COVID-19 lockdowns, when the wife of Ship's Cat's songwriter and guitarist, Phillip Veitch, was undergoing extensive treatment for mental health issues in a London hospital.

'Recovery Position' delves into the emotional and traumatic experiences of that period, touching on themes of death, addiction, and the life-altering loss of Phillip's younger brother to a heroin overdose. Throughout the writing and recording process, Phillip balanced caring for his young family and managing his business, with the songs becoming a cathartic outlet that helped him and the band navigate through the dark and uncertain times.

Seated at Phillip's kitchen table, armed with a laptop and a simple audio interface, the band meticulously crafted their songs during evenings when family commitments allowed. Phillip and lead singer Nicky collaborated on the lyrics and then sought the expertise of their friend Mickey Dale (from Embrace) at his Cellar of Dreams studios in Heaton, Bradford. It was there that they recorded the lead vocals, backing vocals, and percussion.

While Ship's Cat's album delves into weighty subjects, the end result is a vibrant and uplifting body of work that resonates with hope and positivity. The band's unique sound and heartfelt lyrics create a compelling musical journey for listeners.

Ship's Cat will celebrate the release of their debut album with a special show at Caroline Street Social Club in Saltaire on June 25th at 3 pm. Fans can secure their tickets now by visiting the band's official website at The album launch promises to be an unforgettable event, showcasing the talent and passion of Ship's Cat as they take their audience on a captivating musical experience.


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