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Seconds Away:Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Get ready to be unapologetically rocked as SECONDS AWAY shatters the norms of your typical "pop-punk boy band." Born in 2021 on the outskirts of Cleveland, OH, Mikey Sikovsek (Guitar, Vocals) and Ricky Major (Drums, Vocals) are the dynamic blondes behind this fearless journey into glitter punk. Their high-voltage blend of lyrical metaphors, story-telling guitars, and percussive prowess will leave you craving more. These boundary-pushing rebels are here to redefine the scene, armed with focused cinematic connections and a relentless passion. SECONDS AWAY: breaking rules, making waves, and dominating with pure confidence.

Angels & Demons by Jaden Hossler (jxdn) 

We HAD to start off with this one. “Angels & Demons” has such a hold on us as a band. Not only did watching Jaden breakthrough as an artist inspire us, but his dark pop/punk sound really carried through to us. Having an anthem like song that you can scream was something that we strived for and still do. 

We Made Plans & God Laughed by Beauty School Dropout 

Beauty School Dropout was such an amazing band to find. Love these guys. We remember listening to this EP straight down and just looking at each other and being like “what… how do we do it like THAT?” You already know we trashed a few songs and had to get back to writing. These boys also influenced us on how to create our band's new image. 

More than life by Machine Gun Kelly ft. glaive 

Watching MGK’s pop-punk revival really inspired us to create music that we loved while growing up. “more than life” specifically introduced us to the idea of hyperpop with glaives feature. We love to throw in little elements of different genres in each song and this one opened our eyes to something new. It really helped us figure out how to bridge our previous singles into the new EP. 

If Walls Could Talk by 5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS has got to be one of our all time biggest influences as a band. We are constantly going back through their discography and finding things we love. When we were trying to write for blunt trauma, we really wanted to push for something out of our comfort zone. Having those trap inspired verses and more raw, live instruments in choruses was our template before the EP. This song really helped us understand how to incorporate new layers overtop of live instruments. 

Paranoid by Chase Atlantic 

We continue to fall in love with Chase Atlantic's sound more and more everyday. The way their instrumentals tell a story without the lyrics was something we wanted to adopt. You hear a Chase Atlantic song and you’re like “yeah, that's a Chase song”. Always looking up to them on how to create such an iconic sound for our band. 


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