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Safiyyah & Rada Collaborate On Soulful Single

Two of London’s finest rising songstresses, Safiyyah and Rada, collaborate on this new smooth and

soulful single, ‘Free.’ Together they bring a sensual, alt-soul aura and intertwine infectious melodies

to light up the chorus.

In Safiyyah’s words "Free is about self-love, being alone and being fearless. It seems that in

relationships people really tend to lose themselves and so this song is a reminder that you don’t need

anyone but yourself. I want these emotions to transpire through the colours used in the release art

and video. Purple represents creativity, peace and independence. Green is the colour of life and

represents growth and harmony. Both really resonate with the true message of the song.”

The vibrant production, produced by Solaariss, grounds Safiyyah’s intricate vocals and ushers in Rada’s

verse as a result, completing the song to provide a rich combination of two unique sounds. The two

counter off each other as they channel themes of liberation, relationships and empowerment. Thematically, this profoundly personal track finds the pair of crooners challenging their potential suitors on their ability to handle their confidence and self-worth. The result? A track that wouldn’t go amiss whilst saging your room or soaking in a bubble bath, wine glass in hand...


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