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Photo Credit: Lennert Madou

Belgian creative duo, Promis3, have been taking the hyper-pop world by storm over the last two years. Known for their avant-garde approach to contemporary pop music, the artists have homed a futuristic sound that takes inspiration from European club, as well as queer culture. With their next release, ‘New Horizon’ set to land on April 1st, Promis3 once again take listeners on a journey, this time through one of beauty and utopia. Arriving in the form of a power ballad, the single focusses around the ruthless desire to succeed, and the many obstacles that can come before you finally reach where you want to be.

On the message behind the single, the artists proclaim: “It’s a symbolic representation of the agony that we undergo within the creative processes but also in life. We imagined ourselves travelling to a new world where things are better, going through extreme weather conditions on a raft on a wild and desolate sea, crossing seas and borders, with our goals being the final destination. We were being pulled there by the power of our ambitions.”

Never failing in their pursuit to elevate their creative output, ‘New Horizon’ delivers an ode to the 90s with an array of euphoric trance synths, whilst their distinctive warped vocals take centre stage, showcasing an ability to create fictional landscapes that bring their stories to life. Alongside a masterful play with pitch modulation, the single culminates in a euphoric, full-on dance outburst.

‘New Horizon’ represents the starting point of what looks set to be a huge year for Promis3. With multiple singles on the way that develop their unique brand of hyperpop further, as well as performances at Luxembourg pride and Belgium's highly acclaimed Dour festival, the artists have plenty of reasons to be excited. The world had better prepare to hear the sound of the future.

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