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Records That Shaped My Sound – LUKA

LUKA is an artist building a discography of limitless promise, several of the artists releases so far are uniformly composed of the same carefully curated elements of Synths, Ukes and Adventures. 'Past The Point Of No Return' is LUKA's latest musical offering, and the second single on Monomyth Records(BabyStep's Label Of The Year). The song will form part of LUKA's upcoming album which will be released in the summer of 2021. ·During this increasingly interior time of our lives, it is more important than ever to share how we feel with those in our vicinity, Luka's plaintive vocal performance does just that. The flow of vocals omits an urgency that is at once vulnerable and confident, with Luka's voice takes centre stage over an instrumental that peaks in all the right places. We spoke to Luka about that tracks most seminal to her sound, enjoy!

Mosquito Song – Queens of The Stone Age

I grew up listening to ‘Queens of The Stone Age’. This is the first song I learned on guitar when I was about 13 and is still probably my favourite song of all time. It starts off very simple and builds all the way through, bringing in new layers and new instruments until everything kind of explodes in the chorus with the trumpets and different guitar riffs. I think it’s super cool. I also love the dark, slightly unnerving lyrics. I think they’ve influenced the kind of songs I like to write.

Ricky Nelson- Lonesome Town

I found this song through watching ‘End of the ***ing World’ on Netflix a couple years ago and had it on repeat for weeks afterwards. I loved how it was able to convey so much emotion whilst remaining so simple. I also really love the vintage feel of the chords and overall sound, it feels very nostalgic. This song inspired the first song I wrote ‘End of the World’.

I Know the End – Phoebe Bridgers

This is a fairly new favourite. I heard this when I was in lockdown in the summer and it was the first song of Phoebe Bridger’s that I’d heard. Since then, she’s become one of my favourite Artists and one of my biggest musical influences. I loved the way the song keeps building and transforms from a folky acoustic song to a more of a rock song halfway through. I think it’s the most exciting final track to an album. It really captures the vibe of 2020. I’ve also never heard somebody fully scream at the end of a track before and I love it.

Bon Iver- Flume

Bon Iver has been one of my favourite artists since I was around 15. His songs, lyrics and vocals are just so beautiful and convey so much emotion. This track is probably my favourite of his, but I love all the songs on ‘For Emma, Forever ago’, it’s the perfect album to put on in winter and cry to. His music is probably my biggest influence. I want to write songs that people want to sit and listen to and maybe cry to. I think music is best when lots of people can resonate with it.

Lord Huron-The Night We Met

This song always makes me cry. I went to see Lord Huron live and heard this song for the first time on a day I got broken up with, so it definitely resonated with me. The lyrics are so sad, but so easy to relate to and it just sounds so pretty. The layered vocals and harmonies are beautiful and very ethereal sounding and the instrumental is simple but so effective. This track is one of my all time favourites and I think it’s influenced my sound a lot.

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