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On the fast track to hip-hop stardom, the 16-year-old prodigy Cel NoLackin returns with the scorching new single, “Sliding & Providing,” released today via LLC4 Records/Capitol Records. With a melodic pulse and propulsive beats, this banger puts Cel NoLackin's aggressive flow and lyrical prowess front and center, making a bold statement: Cel NoLackin is here to stay, and he means business. Immerse yourself in the intensity of "Sliding & Providing" [Listen HERE].

"Ain’t nobody as big as us, catch a opp and we filling 'em up," spits the Pennsylvania teen over delicate piano and tight percussion. "Ain't no feelings inside of this game, better get you a bag and just run it up." As the chorus kicks in, he declares, "Sliding, providing — my guys know that NoLackin got 'em." It's an anthemic and substantive track, highlighting the newcomer's confidence, precision, and undeniable presence.

Hot on the heels of his explosive collaboration "Kick Door" with Skrilla, "Sliding & Providing" follows a string of hits, including “Uber,” “No Lackin Flow,” and “Told You.” Cel NoLackin has been on a relentless music spree over the past year, building on the success of his breakout track, "Homicide," with Trench Baby, a standout from his 2023 project "Youngest in Charge," featuring the viral hit "Nuketown."

One thing is crystal clear—NoLackin's star is on the rise, and with “Sliding & Providing,” he not only solidifies his place in the hip-hop pantheon but also delivers an infectious anthem for those with big plans and unbridled ambition.

About Cel NoLackin:

Cel NoLackin thrives on the unexpected. With breakout hits like “Homicide” and the incendiary statement “NOLACKIN!,” the 16-year-old rapper rides the edge of chaos, navigating intricate technical runs with a confidence that defies his age. His insightful lyrics, like describing his hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as a “trouble bubble,” showcase uncommon maturity. Discovered as a child in the midst of recording studios in Harrisburg, Cel's talent shone early, and his ability to evaluate and evolve his skills set him apart. Collaborating with superproducer Southside, Cel NoLackin brings ingenuity to the studio, crafting unforgettable songs in record time. His 2023 project, "Youngest in Charge," cements him as a sophisticated writer and a captivating vocalist. With more music on the horizon, Cel NoLackin is set to unveil additional layers of his personality and past, embracing discomfort as a catalyst for growth and success.


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