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Raging Sons: Igniting the Alt-Rock Scene with Electrifying New Single 'Feel Love'

Unveiling a sonic journey that defies convention, Raging Sons, the audacious three-piece alternative rock ensemble, are setting the stage ablaze. Comprising the dynamic trio of Fint Tynan on Vocals, Colum Kelly on Guitar, and Adam Reeves on Drums, this powerhouse outfit hailing from Limerick, Ireland, has been carving their indelible mark since their explosive emergence in 2021.

The scene was forever changed with the arrival of their debut album '20:20,' a masterful confluence of sound that prompted Hot Press Magazine to herald it as "a fire starter." Yet, this was merely the prelude to their ascent. A slew of captivating singles, including the resonant 'Breathe Easy,' named RTÉ 2FM's Track of the Week, sent shockwaves through the music realm. Despite being a fully independent entity, Raging Sons amassed over 200K streams on Spotify, solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with.

March 2023 marked a new chapter as they unveiled 'Talk,' their eagerly awaited single following the debut album. The nation was captivated, and Spin South West bestowed upon it the honor of Track of the Week. The accolades kept pouring in, paving the way for their impending release, 'Feel Love.'

'Feel Love' is a symphony of sonic innovation, a fusion of electronic, industrial, and alt-rock that delves into the intricate nuances of love. A canvas painted with dark, enigmatic synths, impassioned guitars, driving basslines, and thunderous drums, all serving as a tempestuous backdrop to Tynan's magnetic and immersive vocals. A track pulsating with raw energy, unfiltered emotion, and unapologetic candor.

The trio offers an insight into the genesis of 'Feel Love':

"Lyrically, 'Feel Love' embraces love's myriad facets - its discovery, its loss, and the quest to reclaim it. It echoes the highs of love's zenith and the lows of its abyss, culminating in a resounding plea to restore what's been lost. A sonic tapestry that beckons, 'they say tomorrows on the run as today's mystery,' encapsulating love's enigmatic nature. After all, love is a journey, and we are but travelers."

Musically, 'Feel Love' nods to the roots of their debut album '20:20,' while seamlessly weaving electronic and industrial elements alongside their signature alt-rock foundation. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Richard Ashcroft, Elbow, and Nine Inch Nails, 'Feel Love' emerges as a genre-defying symphony that redefines the boundaries of musical expression.

Crafted collaboratively by the trio, 'Feel Love' was brought to life under the masterful touch of Ben Wanders at Wanderland Recording Studio in Limerick. As the stage is set for its release, Raging Sons once again stand ready to ignite the alt-rock scene with a single that encapsulates the multifaceted essence of love itself."


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