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Oxomo: Tracks That Shaped My Sound

Oxomo is a rapper, producer, and the founder of Collective Mind Records. The Brighton-based artist has previously collaborated with the likes of Verbz, Dereck Dac, and Lori Asha; as well as performing alongside the likes of The Mouse Outfit and Bushrod. Celebrated for his versatile approach to music, Oxomo operates in many rap subgenres, and holds interests in both UK and US rap climates.

His humble demeanor coupled with a tireless work ethic make him UK Rap's next big thing. He is building a burgeoning discography of timeless music. We spoke to him about the tracks that shaped his sound:

Lowkey, Akala and Black The Ripper - ‘I Still Believe’

This track and these artists were an early inspiration for me, some of the first bits of UK hip hop I came across, it got me more into introspective writing and trying to cover more controversial subjects in my music. Thought they deserved a mention in this one!

The Mouse Outfit Ft. Dubbul O, Ellis Mead & Sparkz - ‘Repeat’

This song and the whole album in general inspired me a lot, I had already heard their first album ‘Escape Music’ which was some of the first UK Hip Hop I came across, it also came out around the time I first started writing my own stuff and it gave me an idea of how the UK hip hop sound was forming. Since then I have performed alongside The Mouse Outfit with the full live band and have collaborated on multiple tracks which will be out later this year!

Ocean Wisdom - ‘High Street’

Coming from Brighton High Focus was obviously a massive influence on my sound. I’ve always liked double time flows so it’s only fair Ocean Wisdom gets a mention. The production on this track (from Dirty Dike) influenced my own beat choices and production style a fair amount. Seeing so many artists, especially in our genre coming out of Brighton was always encouraging and gave us all more confidence following that path.

Gang Starr - ‘Moment Of Truth’

Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth was one of the first hip hop records I came across in my dads record collection, the production from DJ Premier influenced my style as a producer a lot and Gurus lyrics and vocals over a Premier beat can’t be beaten.

Knucks Ft. Loyle Carner - ‘Standout’

This one’s a more recent influence, I really like the structure on this track with both artists going back to back on the hook section, something I have used quite a lot in my collaborations since. Have been following both artists releases for a while now and think they deserved a mention being some of the big players in the UK scene right now.

Check out Oxomo's music here:

This track was written by: Josh Crowe


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