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Organic New Music Friday #22

The weekend is here, which means that another round-up of the latest releases is due. Catch some of the hottest producers in the scene at the moment proving themselves once again, with this week's New Music Friday.

Scart Lead - The Frenchman [GIMME A BREAK]

Scart Lead steps up for the Gimme A Break boys' second EP premier, Wheelin n Dealin, with its first track The Frenchman. The London-based producer combines the sounds of UKG, breakbeat and dubstep for what is set to be a huge release come May.

The Frenchman is out now on SoundCloud.

Whitney Houston - How Will I Know (DJ Crisps Mix)

DJ Crisps is back for another fresh UKG edit, this time laying a bright 2-step beat and funky chords against Whitney's iconic vocals - a perfect addition to your weekend playlist!

How Will I Know (DJ Crisps Mix) is out now on SoundCloud.

The Forest - Evening [Glispy Records] [CRUDE Premiere]

CRUDE premiers The Forest's contribution to GLSP001, Glispy Record's first compilation album. Alongside music from 20 other Georgian artists, this track is packed full of ominous synths and doom-ridden breaks.

Evening is out now on SoundCloud.

Big Hands - 1346 [MixMag]

Premiering on MixMag, 1346 is a bellowing track of resonating synths and dark percussion. "In the old city of Lakamha ancient tombs stand tall and ruined, woven with moss. Birds as old as time beat their wings over tropical forests; their cries bouncing off wet rock lassoed with carvings of Mayan symbols. ‘1346’ begins with stirring synths and dub-echoing, low frequencies encompassing both spatiality and aberration".

1346 is out now on SoundCloud.

Garneau - Cut It Close [Ghetto 25]

Garneau keeps his stream of releases coming, this time with booty-infused, club-ready track Cut It Close. Check it out on label Ghetto 25 down below!

Cut It Close is out now on SoundCloud.

DJ Swagger - The Chronicles, Vol. 5

Last up is the premier of DJ Swagger's The Chronicles, Vol. 5, out on the 5th of March. Spanning across dubstep, techno and UKG, this release features a star-studded line up of collaborations, including Moodrich, Mathis Ruffing and Hyas.

The Chronicles, Vol. 5 is out now on SoundCloud to preview.

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