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NuBass- Tracks That Shaped My Sound

NuBass established himself amongst the new wave of bass producers, focusing on the darker, grittier side to the sound and is pushing forward his brand of high energy underground flavours. Recent releases include 'Knock Knock' VIP on Zero's label and a collab called 'Lose My Mind' with one of the godfathers of the bass house movement AC Slater. His releases are regularly supported by the likes of Moksi, Chris Lorenzo, Skrillex to name a few. Ahead of his worldwide tour, we spoke to him about the tracks thats shaped his sound, enjoy!

My Nu Leng & Flava D - Soul Shake

I was really getting into the UK bass sound when I was around 16 and it’s a rite of passage to attend some sort of camping festival around that age. I remember hearing to this seeing My Nu Leng at Reading Festival and hearing the bass and atmosphere around the tent just inspired me to really start making music to get the same reaction. Chris Lorenzo - Foot & Mouth

Chris Lorenzo was my main inspiration early on when making music and a lot of it was down to this track “Foot & Mouth” that just so well encompassed everything I love about music - dark, heavy, bouncy. Similarly to the first pick, I saw Chris Lorenzo at the same festival just full of excitement to see it live. This along with other tracks such as “dope slinger” also introduced me to the world of Night Bass, a large US label that I’ve grown to closely work with and be part of their family over the years. Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low

Anyone who has listened to bass house/anything EDM for the last 10 years will know this track - an anthem of festivals worldwide. The simplicity of the track just really drew me towards it and I probably made my first “bootleg” of it when doing my first productions and got some good DJ support too - it’s probably still on SoundCloud somewhere! ISOxo - Click (Knock2 Remix)

More recently I have struggled to find inspiration within the genre I primarily play in within the bass house realm. Knock2 is an exception to that with his incredibly forward thinking take on bass house - similar sounds but used very differently with a huge focus on the bounce of the drums and melody which I prioritise myself too. Knock2’s tracks pretty much always make an appearance in my sets and consistently get some of the biggest reactions! Missy Elliot - Lose Control (ft. Ciara & Fatman Scoop)

To take it away from dance music exclusively, this song has been stuck in my head ever since I first heard it many many years ago way before I was into music generally. That first bass sound in particular just has the darkness and grittiness I like to achieve in my own tracks and is used so well. I’ve dabbled in going my own take on this track and went down very well in sets and on social media, but won’t be seeing a release so a show exclusive!


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