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Nihiloxica's new record is a direct response to UK immigration and freedom of movement policies

Prepare to be captivated by the explosive second LP from Nihiloxica, the Bugandan techno powerhouse from Kampala, Uganda. "Source of Denial" emerges over three years after their acclaimed debut album, "Kaloli," and delivers a resounding critique of the hostile immigration and freedom of movement policies plaguing the UK and the world. Fueled by their frustrations with the convoluted system, Nihiloxica unleashes their most cataclysmic work to date.

Returning to the Nyege Nyege studio in Kampala, where the band recorded their early EPs, Nihiloxica embarked on an intense month-long session in early 2022 to create "Source of Denial." The album cover flaunts an ultra-metallic new logo, reflecting the growing presence of metal influences throughout the tracklisting. With a wry nod to bureaucratic nightmares, the hi-vis, official-document style adds an ironic touch to the project's core theme.

Prepare for a sonic journey as tracks like 'Asidi' and 'Baganga' flirt with dystopian, mechanical patterns reminiscent of djent pioneers Meshuggah. The title track unleashes a colossal synth line that summons the spirit of an 8-string guitar, complete with synthesized palm-mutes. This fusion seamlessly blends with the Bugandan ngoma drums and club sounds that have made Nihiloxica revered. 'Olutobazzi,' 'Postloya,' and 'Trip Chug' push the boundaries even further, blurring the line between tradition and techno through reanimated and manipulated drum sounds.

Throughout the album, spoken words are predominantly computer-generated, offering a glimpse into the frustrating world of application processes and accountability. These snippets, crackled through phone speakers, create a Kafkaesque feedback loop. The constant call tones, uncanny British accents, and rigorous questioning underscore the band's frustrations as they navigate a system that continuously challenges their status. In 2022, an entire UK tour was canceled, and recently, a UK show had to be performed with only three members due to issues with a certain conglomerate visa agency, which operates across multiple countries.

Nihiloxica's disdain for the system is palpable. "We wanted to create the sense of being in the endless, bureaucratic hell-hole of attempting to travel to a foreign country that deems itself superior to where you're from," they explain. While focusing on the UK, their primary source of trouble, the band emphasizes that the problem extends far beyond. Their album serves as an expression of their disdain, questioning the source of denial—whether it be passports, bank balances, or skin color. Nihiloxica sheds light on the indignity of being tossed from one profit-driven "service center" to another, each denying responsibility and limiting the fundamental right to freedom of movement as a human being. They draw attention to Uganda, a country that accepts a significant number of refugees, while the UK attempts to relocate them to Rwanda—an emblematic example of the system's flaws.

Nihiloxica will bring their revolutionary sound to the UK with a series of highly anticipated tour dates. Don't miss their electrifying performances at Intermission Festival in Birmingham, Blue Dot Festival in Manchester, and Womad Festival in Wiltshire. Other dates include shows at renowned venues such as The Jazz Cafe in London and The White Hotel in Manchester.

"Source of Denial" is an unapologetic artistic statement that challenges the status quo while delivering an unforgettable sonic experience. Join Nihiloxica on their journey as they harness the power of techno to confront immigration policies head-on and ignite a much-needed conversation about the right to freedom of movement.

Check out the first track Kudistro here ~


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