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  • Kieran Collingwood

MYTBE’s EP ‘Spill Out’ is a self-professed ‘labour of love’.

South London born MYTBE’s maiden EP ‘Spill Out’ is a self-professed ‘labour of love’. The four-track project enmeshes vulnerable and introspective songwriting with a distinctly electronic feel. Throughout her body of work, gorgeous almost subdued ‘big choruses’ serve to anchor her songs in a style unique to the vocalist. Her sound is reminiscent almost of early ‘Chrvches’ records; but instead it is laid bare and rendered spacious, tinged with a real sonoral sensitivity in the accompaniment with a striking (yet soft) falsetto range carrying the melody. Concluding track ‘Tall Tales’ is a personal favourite of mine. It is a song which after hearing on the radio prior to the EP’s release, left me in that exasperating liminal space in-between hearing a snippet of a tune and having to agonisingly wait for the release. The chorus sounds like a breath of fresh air, providing a fitting soundtrack to those lockdown mornings where the motivation to do anything seems to have frustratingly dissipated. In fact, this entire EP sounds like the harbinger of better times; a lockdown free spring 2021 - or knowing the government maybe spring 2022…

Perfect if you like – Moses Sumney, Liane La Havas, Arlo Parks

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