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Mount Kimbie Unveils New Single "Dumb Guitar" and Announces World Tour

Visionary British duo Mount Kimbie, comprised of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, are back in the spotlight with the release of their latest single, "Dumb Guitar," and exciting news of a world tour scheduled for next year. The tour includes a highly anticipated London headline show at The Roundhouse on May 3rd, promising an unforgettable live experience. Fans can stream the new single or purchase a limited 7" featuring "Dumb Guitar" and "Boxing" (featuring King Krule) via Warp Records. Pre-order tickets for the tour dates are available at

Mount Kimbie has been a driving force in London's electronic music scene for the past fifteen years. Their influential journey began with their debut album, "Crooks & Lovers," in 2010, which earned critical acclaim and secured their place as pioneers in British electronic music. Over the years, the duo has evolved and embraced a new modern indie sound, exemplified by their 2017 album "Love What Survives," their most successful work to date. The album produced groundbreaking tracks like "Blue Train Lines" (featuring King Krule), "Marilyn" (featuring Micachu), and "We Go Home Together" (featuring James Blake).

Mount Kimbie's upcoming single, "Dumb Guitar," draws on the sonic elements of their previous work, offering a compelling blend of woozy synths and frenetic guitar fuzz. Written in California's Yucca Valley, the song encapsulates the band's signature sound, combining nostalgia with innovation.

Throughout their career, Mount Kimbie has achieved critical acclaim and widespread recognition. They have sold out venues worldwide, from iconic clubs to prestigious institutions like the Tate Modern, Barbican, and MomaPS1. The duo has also graced renowned festival stages such as Primavera, Coachella, Glastonbury, and more. Mount Kimbie's influence extends beyond their music, with both Kai and Dom pursuing impressive solo careers and contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary British music.


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