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montykeates Releases HIS SECOND SINGLE “Lose My Head"

ontykeates is an artist who sets himself apart from the rest.  Channelling unfiltered tenacity into each of his genre-fluid releases, with no single sounding the same, the montykeates experience is as unpredictable as it is entirely enthralling. 

Already causing a sonic stir ahead of his debut release, with the support of META, incredibly championing him as one of their ‘NEXT GEN’ artists for 2024, and the invitation of a UK wide tour with raucous rock risers South Arcade, montykeates was ready to take off on the right foot. 

Debut single “PANIC!” justified these feats with unparalleled confidence. A track evidencing his own self-coined genre, ‘hyper-rock’, the release demonstrated power in vulnerability, meanwhile fusing alt-rock tendencies with the fuzzy excitement of hyper-pop. An unguarded music piece and the inception of montykeates’ journey as a metamorphic entity willing to defy conventionality…. "As an artist, I get to be all the things I felt I couldn’t be," says montyKeates. "I get to be loud, angry, tell everyone how I feel and not feel guilty about it. Through my artistry, I have learned I deserve to be heard."

Fast accelerating into the close of the year, single “Lose My Head” will close off montykeates’ thrilling first entry. Homing his piercing vocals on a venomous guitar-fused beat, “Lose My Head” is an antidote to temptation and the relentless grip of fervent attraction. Emanating that sense of loss of control, the single tumbles into an explosive D’N’B beat elevating “Lose My Head” into a dance ready anthem, appeasing both rock fans and the late night dancers.

Speaking on ‘Lose My Head’ montykeates explains, “ ‘Lose My Head’ is a song dedicated to those sticky situationships, it’s hard to be keep it friendly when you’re so attracted to each other, and for me writing this song reminded me of how it felt to fight that temptation knowing it isn’t right for me”

montykeates musical compositions serve as poignant mirrors to his personal battles, designed to strike a chord with kindred souls who have experienced similar challenges in finding their place in the world, he aims to captivate with his distinctive sonic signature and unfiltered authenticity.

As a person, montykeates offers a nuanced self-description: an individual who is inherently reticent yet profoundly compassionate, with a penchant for employing humour as an armour of defence. Through his musical endeavours, he embarks on a transformative journey—one that entails discarding these protective masks and embracing the full spectrum of his emotions. This voyage paves the way for a journey of self-discovery and eventual healing.


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